AerisGaming Community

5 nerds who are too old and spend a lot of time at work playing Minecraft. We’re looking for our old buddies – and new ones to game with us

It was 2013, one time.

The history of AerisGaming begins back in 2013 with DamnCreeperEater(DCE) releasing the first of many servers on this network. The first server being AerisGaming-Demigods this server was released beginning of 2013 and became very popular within a couple of months. The server was factions based with the unique swing that you could get special traits depending on the god you swore allegiance to.

From this server DCE formed a staffing team from some of the longest standing players as well as the players that demonstrated a good technical knowledge that could be utilized in future endeavors. The long standing player MrJimmyjon3s(Jimmy) joined the team as the Community Co-Founder assisting DCE with the running and maintaining of the Demi-Gods server.

In the background while demi-gods while up DCE was working hard on her second server project, Working tiredless with Zeurals(Z) who with his love of zombies worked with DCE to produce the first map for the first (TWD) server.

What do we do?

After work, and when we’re bored – we develop or game together.. Sometimes building ambitious MC projects such as FallZ

What do we play now?

We’re open to anything; and have available gaming servers / hardware to open new servers of all types

Do You Have Any Questions? Read Our FAQs Section & Feel Free to Ask

Developer / COMMUNITY owner

founder / network support

executive director of operations


Sure. Want a server? Ask and we’ll give you one and you and your buddies can game on it.

In it’s prime, 1,300+ members strong. We averaged 50-85 players on the larger servers – and a smaller crowd of 20-30 on the other servers – which were stapled together in a “hub” that players could jump between without having to disconnect from our server.

Caleb programs, DCE sets up the hardware/backend, and the rest of us are there for Moral support and shitty builds. Feel free.