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We Love Crafting Adventures

We’re crafting a friendly community of gamers that can explore and adventure unique Minecraft Servers together. Being a gamer within a community is a great way to find new buddies and stay connected!

We encourage you to learn more about our history, explore our servers & talk to our community members through the forums & discord server


Legendary Community #AGOG-13

Our staff members have been crafting and battling together since 2013! AerisGaming was home to four unique adventure servers tied together through a hub built by the building group Quickplay! 

During our history from 2013-2015 we met and gamed with over +1,300 members.


Project FallZ

 A server under the title of “FallZ”. We plan to make this server to the best of our ability and to give each and every player a unique experience they would not gain from any other server. We’re still working out some kinks for the story line, but are ready to get the map development to undergo. In order to do this, we need some talent in the department of building. Our current team is small and we need some talented additions to it to strengthen our foundation. As of now, we are currently looking for builders to help build this map from the ground up. We expect to have a unique map design to accompany the unique features and implementations this server will have.

Community Features

What do we focus on, anyway?


Self hosted, Dell R410 dedicated to Multicraft – 400MBPS uplink 


Discord, usually.


4+ years of configuring plugins, Java scripting, 3+ years of IT Support & management – and drinking coffee


At the heart of it all – we’re just a bunch of friends working on new projects.. 

Powerful Admin Panel

Our server owners control their server projects through Multicraft, with access to Dynmaic Map & a team of IT support to backup, optimize, and support their projects

Custom Code

Here and there, we design our own plugins – because we need them!!!!

Literally all over the US and UK.

Talk to us, day or night on discord